CERN Radiation Test Facilities Steering Group (RTF-SG)

Submitted by sdanzeca on Tue, 06/04/2019 - 14:59

Mandate of the CERN Radiation Test Facilities Steering Group (RTF-SG)



CERN operates a number of radiation test facilities which serve the whole CERN community. These are in particular the PS irradiation and the GIF++ facilities, operated by the EP department, and the CHARM and Co-60 facilities, run by the EN department. The facilities provide very complementary radiation fields and target users from the accelerator and technical sector as well as from the detectors and experimental R&D activities. In addition, a number of irradiations is performed outside CERN, either at other laboratories or commercial installations.


The Radiation Test Facilities Steering Group (RTF-SG) facilitates the information exchange at CERN concerning the operation and possible future extension of the radiation test facilities at CERN.

The RTF-SG coordinates the creation and the follow-up of a common inventory of irradiation facilities as well as contracts or collaboration agreements with external installations/partners.

The RTF-SG strives to optimise the layout and usage of the CERN-based irradiation facilities. The RTF-SG also identifies new requirements and proposes a long-term strategy for CERN concerning irradiation facilities. This strategy includes facility upgrades and new facilities, together with the corresponding instrumentation and detection requirements.

The RTF-SG gives advice on strategies for publication and sharing of irradiation results. If it deems specific irradiation test results be of general interest, it will propose inclusion in respective databases and dissemination of results.

Organization, Membership and Reporting

The steering group holds quarterly meetings, organises additional discussions possibly including all CERN stakeholders.